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My Father's Lesson To Me...

Here is a story of a wonderful and loving man who made a mistake that cost him his family and his life.

My dad was a good man. He had many friends, a successful business, and the respect of all who knew Subscribe To Newsletter him. He owned a small machine shop in Los Angeles. He wanted the best for his family. He wanted to send his children to college, to live in a neighborhood where his family was safe, and take pleasure from a successful marriage to a loving wife. He dreamt the dream that has moved good men from the beginning of time.

My father never realized his dream; a simple mistake cost him everything.

My dad believed that hard work and long hours would insure success.

He was relentless. He was gone by sunrise and did not return until mid-evening. He took one day off a week; sometimes he took none. He worked in a stressful environment. When business was good, he worked to get ahead. When business slowed, he worked harder still. He never stopped...

And I watched him.

I watched him through the eyes of a small boy who longed for his dad to be home.

I watched him through the eyes of a teenager and saw his marriage turn ugly and fall apart.

I watched him through the eyes of a young adult and saw him run his business and his business run him until he dropped; and then he was no more.

How can a man live a successful life under such pressure? How is a child to feel nurtured and protected when parents are absent from the home? How does a marriage flourish without time for intimacy? What is ‘quality of life’ when everything is so out of balance and out of control?

I was haunted by these questions.

To achieve a good life, a quality life, I could never have a business like the one my father owned. I feared it would consume me the way it consumed him.

It was then that I was introduced to Michael Gerber and the “E-Myth” philosophy.

A fresh possibility surfaced. A system, a set of tools, a business philosophy that enables an entrepreneur to develop a business that enhances life. Not just for the business owner, for everyone who encounters the business.

What better way to honor my father?

He struggled to have a quality life but lacked the tools to succeed. This model offers the education and tools to win at business without losing life.

I believe that small business is a powerful force in our society. I commit to small business as a vehicle for personal and family renewal and rehabilitation. I support each client to rediscover their purpose and vision; building their business to reflect the life they choose to lead.

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