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Dennis DuRoff speaks passionately to business owners about transforming their business and their lives. He believes that the vast majority of business owners do not appreciate what a valuable and untapped asset their business represents. Dennis is convinced that a business has the potential to add enormously to the quality of life of the owner, their family, and the community at large. He has observed that most business owners simply do not know how to effectively build their business in a way that gives back to them in equal measure to the time and energy they invest in their enterprise.

Dennis offers Keynote speeches, breakout sessions, workshops and seminars that are designed to reconnect the business owner to his or her passion and vision for their business. His intention is that these talks produce more than motivation, he seek inspiration. By offering rock-solid content and a plan for practical application, participants can continue to gain from the presentation long after the initial ‘glow’ has subsided. The focus is not on a temporary fix, but on taking the first practical steps to building a business on a solid foundation.

Audiences acknowledge Dennis’ sense of humor, insights, his ability to make them think and take action. His message is one of possibility and hope. Click here for Testimonials

The titles below are offered as Keynote addresses, breakout sessions, half-day and full-day workshops. Each presentation is customized to suit your group’s needs.

  • Winning at Business Without Losing Your Life

  • Stop the Profit Leak: A systems approach to building a business that works

  • Five Sure-Fire Strategies for Building Your Business in a Shrinking Economy

  • Why Most Businesses Fail or Simply Fail to Deliver and What You Can Do About It!

Click here to explore possibilities for your group or association. Or if you prefer, call Dennis at (206) 650-8510.

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