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Here are links to several excellent company stories. Please notice that each of these has it’s own tone, style, and approach. This is as it should be. The point of the Company Story is to develop a narrative or vignette that reflects your ethics and your company’s values. It is the cornerstone of your company culture. It reflects what you stand for. It is the spirit of your company. To take advantage of the full power of your Company Story it must be aligned with your values.

They can be short or long (ideally no longer than a page), humorous, poignant, hopeful, or filled with promise. No two company stories are the same. Avoid the temptation to simply copy someone else’s idea as your own. It will not be effective.

Here is a company story that reflects strong family values and a powerful cultural identity. Kiva Trading Company Story

This is a very good approach. Start by illustrating well-known, industry-wide problems and then counter-point your company as the solution. A Humorous Company Story

Finally, I offer my Company Story. Click here.

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